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The finest way to discover the best of Southern Italy, a colorful mix of ethnic influences making for a unique travel experience
There is no more inspirational way to discover the diversity of Southern Italy then a well planned tour.
The seasons of Autumn, Winter and Spring are some of the best times to visit .
Prices are at the lowest, the temperature can be surprisingly mild and the cities belong to their inhabitants and a few discerning travelers. What type of vacation appeal to you?

Do you enjoy the mountains with their natural spring fountains and panoramic sweeping  views? sunny beaches, visiting old villages? hiking, biking, skiing?...history, good food ?
Its all packed in here.
One classic peculiarity of Southern Italy is that almost always, the journey of getting there is more exciting then the destination itself.

Go South my friend
CALABRIA - Inspired by the Calabria Jones'
project (Journey to the discovery of the past) launched in 2012 by the Calabria Region, Made in South Italy Today and Antichi Sentieri (Ancient Paths) are now proposing a tour to introduce  this relatively unknowns Italian region to those discriminating tourists seeking a more meaningful traveling experience.

My request for such a tour was formulated during my staying in Locri, as a guest of Marisa Ranieri, a professor of ancient history, a writer and a poetess, whose passion for our native land helped me re-discovery that hidden side of Calabria I studied during my school years but was never able to give it a place in history.

The  tour was planned by Mr Giuseppe Piazzese, the manager/owner of Antichi Sentieri, a travel agency located in Locri, in the province of Reggio di Calabria, who, thanks to his many years of experience, was able to create a unique mosaic of destinations that we hope will provide our guests with local perspectives and insights to understand and appreciate the places we visit and people we will meet...learn more about the tour >>>
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