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Historical research confirm that three thousand years ago, the landing of Greek colonies on the Ionian coast has given rise throughout the region to a bright period of civilization that lasted from the seventh to the fourth century BC.
The highest expressions of thought and Greek art spread from Reggio, Crotone, Locri, Sybaris  and other Calabrian centers thanks to a large number of philosophers, poets, painters and legislators.

According to an accredited thesis on the origin of Greek colonizzations, the ancient Reggio di Calabria (Rhegion greek, latin Regium) is, after Cuma in Campania, the oldest Greek colony in southern Italy.
Tourism in Calabria has increased over the years. The main tourist attractions are the coastline and the mountains. The coastline alternates between rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, and is sparsely interrupted by development when compared to other European seaside destinations. The sea around Calabria is clear, and there is a good level of tourist accommodation. The poet Gabriele D'Annunzio called the coast facing Sicily near Reggio Calabria "... the most beautiful kilometer in Italy" (il più bel chilometro d'Italia).The primary mountain tourist draws are Aspromonte and La Sila, with its national park and lakes. 
Tropea (ancient Trapeia; Τράπεια in Ancient Greek) is a located within the province of Vibo Valentia, part of the so called Coast of the Gods .
Many villages around Tropea produce a particular quality of red onion. In Italy these onions are so famous that cipolla di Tropea ("Tropea onion" or "Tropea's onion") has become an Italian synonym for all red onions. Best time to visit would be between middle of may and june. You will have all the town and coast for yourself.
Views of the ghost town of Pentidattilo (Reggio province), perched on the spur of an impressive rock. Not far there is also the abandoned village of Roghudi.
Off the beaten path: Near the village of Zungri, in the province of Vibo Valentia you have a chance to explore one of Calabria so called Citta' Rupestre, cave settlements dating back to the X- Xll centuries. To learn more >>>
Below, the way it used to be. A rare glimpse of life in the harsh territory of Calabria,  beautifully filmed by Vittorio de Seta. The town is Alessandria del Garretto in the province of Cosenza , the festival (the fir festival-festa della abete) is stll held today and the town might very well become another of Unesco's heritage site. 
The documentary below, another masterpice of De Seta ( not to be confused with Vitttorio de Sica) brings many of us back in time when the unwritten values of the peasant culture were still our main guiding principles.
Near the town of Campana, also in the province of Cosenza, there are two stone sculptures, shaped, so they say, by the force of nature...find out more >>>
A sport that in southern Italy is becoming rather popular with tourists  is mountain biking... here is why.
Transumanza in Calabria

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