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The Nduja Calabrese - Celebrating another "unknown" Southern product whose characteristic is successfully being integrated  with other well known ingredients that so strongly characterizes  the Mediterranean cuisine.

Finding Southern Italian products in North America is getting easier and a rapidly increasing number of consumers is willing to pay more for their genuineness, so why is it that specialty food stores outside the ethnic circles have yet to capitalize on this growing market segment?

Could it be the intricacy of ordering small quantities from across the sea from different producers or different locations? No consistent point of contact ?... anyone with a plausible answer - Contact us ! We are "easy to talk to" and our partners are eager to help...
Always read the label 
Did you know that South Italy produces almost 88% of Italy's total olive oil production and Apulia and Calabria alone produce 70 % of that? 

Did you know that six of the eight Southern Italian regions account for about 75% of Italy's organic produce and Sardinia and Sicily alone account for about 50% of the land devoted to organic farming?

Di you notice the increasing number of items available in our  supermarket shelves with labels alluding its origins to South Italy?

Is there such a demand for Made in South Italy products in North America?
Yes, and it is growing at a phenomenal speed. Tired of the standardized taste offered by the big food chains, today's educated consumer is buying less but spending more on quality products.
Low price alone is not anymore the main incentive to buy food products, today's customer  wants quality, wants to know the history behind the product, where it comes from, the company who offers it, the people who makes it, in short, it is fashionable to know who made the stuff  and how.

From a passive spectator the new global consumer of today has become the main trend setter, exchanging views, reading the opinions of other users, asking questions, seeking information...and this is why Made in South Italy Today has come to be. 


Let us know if you carry any,  we have a growing list of potential clients inquiring about Made in South Italy products. 


We can advice and help you select the products that best meets your client demands. We can help locate the right vendors/suppliers - Verify the company certification - Collect quotas - Order follow-up , help with logistic and help you sell those products on line.


 Does "Made in South Italy  Today" import directly from the producers?
We are not an importing company. Our main objective is to facilitate contacts between potential  buyers and producers, between importers and retailers.

What is the purpose of Made in South Italy Today?

Our 'no frills" web site is an initiative launched by a group of individuals representing the tourism, food producing and retailing sector. As stated on the home page the main priority and objective is to promote typical Southern Italian products in a global marketing context by familiarizing importers-retailers and consumers with the Made in South Italy.
Are these products as good as they say?  

A good artisan never expresses the goodness and quality of its products, but leaves it to the consumer to do so.
Therefore, addressing consumers of all ages and all places, we can say only one thing about our products:
Try them, enjoy them and judge them.

Are all the advertised products available in North America?  

Unless otherwise posted, producers listed on this site may or may not be certified to export to North America , however , some producers are willing to work with qualified potential buyers to meet required rules and regulations. 
I have contacted the producer but I have yet to receive any reply...

Do keep in mind that most may not understand English and, on the average 80% of the mail they receive is junk mail. Made in South Italy Today can provide you with some basic answers to your questions. Maybe there is no need to contact the producer as of yet.
I Would like to order some samples before I make a final decision. How does it work?
Very seldom a company will send samples unless you are willing to share some of the cost involved.
The Client usually pays for shipping and handling charges.
Some products may not be allowed to send via air mail.

I am  interested in some of the products advertised on your site, should I contact  the producer directly?    
Depends. Are you starting out and you wish to test the saleabilty of the products in  your area? In this case we strongly suggest to buy a small quantity from the importer or wholesaler closest to you. Expect to pay higher prices for small orders. Made in South Italy Today can help you locate the right source or suggest a similar product. 
Meanwhile you are  kindly invited to consider adding your business name to our  "Inquires data base list"  we might be able to match similar requests  from other retailers/small importers and negotiate a better price with the supplier/producer. 
If the product you are looking for is unavailable in your area, we suggest to contact us at Made in South Italy.  
Why some importers are hesitant to sell to retailers or to on line stores?  
A few reasons: Most likely they are small importers and do not want to attract unwanted attention to the products they sell, or, probably they are more interested in keeping existing customers then investing new energy and resources to acquire new ones. When contacting a wholesaler or an importer be short and straight to the point. If you are new in the business and you are looking for wholesale price for a small order say so. It is your right to ask, it is a sign of courtesy for them to respond.
Do producers offer private labeling?  
Some do and others are willing to consider.
Depends mainly on your commitment to the product and/or any commitment the producer might have with existing clients.
Remember , most producers have limited producing capabilities. Negotiations is the key.

Do producers often give exclusive importing rights on certain  products?
Although some importers  want you to believe so for obvious reasons, that is not usually the case. Some producers may choose to work with one or few importers simply because is more convenient due to the language barrier. It also depends on your geographic location.  Exclusive rights are usually reserved for established companies who are able to move high volume of products, and furthermore after a trial period. Once again, negotiation is the key.

How does Made in South Italy Today benefits from all this? Is there a commission involved?  
Yes indeed. In order to be able to better serve the interests of all those involved and to continue improving the existing web site and expand  the services we provide, producers have agreed on principle to pay a commission on repeat orders generated by Made in South Italy Today.

We all agree that the project we started must be self sustainable in order to evolve and reach its full potential. 
The ultimate goal is to set up a network of distributors/retailers in strategic cities throughout North America that would see producers, importers and retailers all working together toward a mutual beneficial business relationship.
Our primary objective is to promote typical Southern  products in a global marketing context, and at the same time propose our land as a tourist alternative, well aware that the success of one is essential to the success of the other.

La vetrina ideale per promuovere i vostri prodotti e servizi sul mercato Nord Americano ma che potrebbe essere un punto di visibilità anche nei vari mercati internazionali.


Paesi di provenienza dei  visitatori in ordine numerico.

Stati Uniti - Canada - Italia - Gran Bretagna - Australia 
China - Germania - Francia - Nuova Zelanda - Olanda

Ai  nostri  visitatori piace il Sud Italia, vuoi  dire loro qualcosa?

Coloro interessati ad inserire la loro attivita'/azienda/ nel sito   
sono pregati di  mettersi in contatto  usando il  modulo sottostante .

Per  saperne di piu' 
Typical Southerners products :
mustaccioli calabresi
cured meats
pasta and pizza
soft cheese
sea products
pasta making
soft drinks 
olive oil

 Of interest.
origins of olive oil 
wine making cheese making 
history of licorice  

The Italian 'sounding' syndrome ​

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