South Italy folk events

A cultural asset is preserved only when it is taken care of, when is loved and used so as not to alter or detract from the character set to be included.

Southern Italy, a cradle of civilization,
ready to be re-discovered, to be protected and safeguarded.

Popular traditions are the highest expression of the soul of a people, an expression of cultural identity and to a significant community gathering. Today, even with changing dynamics, can be an important economic resource in the context of cultural tourism.

All events are evidence of history and folk culture.These undergo a continuous process of transformation, in relation to the socio-economic context, we must identify the cultural matrix and, far from crystallize as myths, or fetishes, make tools for dialogue with the past in the present.

Our cultural heritage is a testimony of a time that has passed and is now returning through civilizations under different forms to tell our story.

Events are literally in the thousands , we are now in the process of selecting those of more significant importance from the historical and cultural point of view, taking in consideration the length of time the tourist visiting Southern Italy might have.

Apulia Calabria
Apulia-Salento -The Night of the Taranta - 16th Edition - Europe's biggest musical event and Italy's greatest tribute to folk Pizzica Music and its fusion with world music, rock, jazz, and classical music . The Pizzica is that sort of music you can feel in the very dirty of the place. Like the Mississipi Delta, the musical form... >>> Sunday July 28-Belvedere Marittimo - Cosenza Province- The greatest pyrotechnic Italian masters converge in the beautiful location of Belvedere Maritime (CS) for a beautiful show of lights and colors and music. Spectacular fireworks-music-sync that can be enjoed from  from every point of the waterfront. Craftsmanship & technology.
  Sagra della 'Nduja - 6 to 8 August
  Miss Pacchiana Event -... In Calabria the variations could be  noticed only in the women's dresses which changed from town to town. Buying such a dress was for many families a huge investment...>>>
  Coming up also in the province of Catanzaro is the  Taranta Power Festival in Badolato - August 21rst to 25th. 
  Last week of August -1rst Week of Sept, near San Luca ( Reggio di Calabria Province),  will be held the Festival of La Madonna della Montagna, (Our Lady of the Mountain) - An experience  not to miss >>>

One of the most amusing has to be the the so called Festival dei mariti cornuti, (Festival of the cuckold husbands). Every occasion is good to party.

Origins - On San Valentine's Day some 150 years ago, some of the town's young men, decided, as a prank, to leave a burning candle in front of those homes where they had a secret encounter with the lady of the house...and that is how it all started. Husbands who found the burning candle on their front steeps had to parade around the town wearing their coats inside out, publicly recognizing their "new status".

Over time, the festival has evolved. The rite of lighting the candles has been replaced. Today the event is characterized by a procession during which a relic - the veiled reproduction of the male attribute - is carried by the man who married last in the year prior. In the past, the event, which today has taken on connotations folk, generated moments of real tension when participants stopped before the house of the alleged cuckolded.

There are of course different categories of cuckolds.
Those who are not aware of being one, those who know they are but pretend not to be, those who bring their friend home and then go for a walk and those who bring the wife to the friend's house...and hang around to take notes.


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