Fiumefreddo Bruzio

Situated in a panoramic position between Amantea and Paola  the medieval town of Fiumefreddo Bruzio is of interest for its still intact ancient urban lay out with its surrounding defensive walls, fortified gateways and watch towers with Arab-style battlements.

The names derives from Flumen   Frigidum  (Fiume freddo-cold river) due to its fresh natural spring waters that stream from the rocks.
The name Bruzio denotes a territory and it was added in 1860 in order to distinguish this village from other ones  with the same name.
The last to be conquered by the French army early in the 1800, presents a wide territorial extension and is part of the group of municipalities in the low part of the Tyrrhenian Sea - in the province of Cosenza.


Its territory extends to the mountainside of the Cocuzzo mount, the highest peak (1540 m) of all of the Apennines in the province of Paola.

Fiumefreddo is a tourist destination of great value and is officially listed as one of Italy's most beautiful hamlets. 

Along with the nearby towns of  Altomonte  and  Morano  Calabro is one of the historical wonders and cultural landscape of the province of Cosenza.

Like the whole southern cuisine and especially that of Calabria, the local cuisine is characterized by simple but very spicy dishes: inevitable in any field or flower bed in and around town are the red pepper, parsley, basil , rosemary, garlic and onion.
On the hills with slight declivity towards the sea, there are olives and grapevines. 

Rich in woods and cultivated fields, in its meadows, where many aromatic and officinal plants spontaneously grow such as mint, oregano and a number of ferns, sheep graze to then produce hand made cheese and ricottas of unequaled taste.

One of the cheese specialties Fiumefreddo boasts is the "filiciata", a soft cheese served among fern leaves. 
The dish is usually prepared during the century old festival of the Assumption of Mary V, agust 15th.

The  other is the " frittata di patate" (patato omelette), a sort of rustic pie made ​​with potatoes from the surrounding fields, which despite being so called, does not list eggs as one of its ingredients.


The Castello della Valle, also known as Castel Freddo, was built in 1050 cc. on behalf of the Norman Robert Guiscard after he had conquered those lands, convinced that they were the ideal place to resist his potential enemies.

In the following centuries, the manor saw glorious times, times of great splendor and great significance from a political and military point of view.

Other places of interest include the Pignatelli Palace with its preserved medieval courtyard.
The main church is accessed by two fine 17th/18th century portals and contains a tablet portraying Our Lady and the Infant Jesus by  Pietro  Negroni (1552) as well as 18th century wooden crucifix, while the church of St Francesco di Paola houses the Mendoza family grave and the church of santa Chiara has a series of valuable wooden  ecclesiastical  furnishings.


Close to the village is the Romanesque inspired church of the Benedictine Abbey of Fontelaureato.
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San Rocco Church
Santa Rosa Immacolata

Maria Addolorata

Santa Chiara

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