Morano Calabro

An itinerary of scenic, archeological and folkloric interest near Mount Pollino, the massif dominating most of northern Calabria, the northern slopes of the Sila, between the two seas. 

Perched on the western slopes of the Pollino massif,  Morano lies  77 Km from the city of Cosenza, close  to the border with the Basilicata region.
During the X and XI centuries the town was chosen as settlement by the Muslim invaders, which justifies the Moorish profile on the city's coat of arms.
The first trace of the existence of the village is evidenced by a military headstone of the III century BC, with the word "Muranum" engraved, located between the stations of the via Popilia, which links Capua to Reggio Calabria.
Due to its very  dense  urban  configuration,  Morano  boasts one of the most suggestive historical centres in Calabria.

The red roofed houses, built with simple construction materials, gradually reach to the lower part of the town whilst a maze of alleys connect the upper part of the town where the castle stands proudly, creating an image of a creche. 
The village has maintained intact over time its late medieval appearance, with narrow streets and staircases carved into the rock. Morano is one of the most important centers of the Pollino National Park.
Norman-Swabian Castle : It appear in ruins at the top of the town in a strategic position to dominate the whole valley of the ancient river Sybaris. Its origins date back to Roman times when it was erected as a fort and later used as a base to build the castle. It was expanded in the first forty years of the sixteenth century at the behest of the feudal lord Pietrantonio Sanseverino.

The castle was then the residence of the lord in Morano, along with the Palace of the Princes which stands at the entrance of the village.

San Bernardino Cloister

The Church of San Bernardino da Siena is particularly interesting: a gem of fifth century monastic architecture built in late Gothic style.
Mystic and austere, with the typical Franciscan atmosphere and its wooden vaulted ceiling, it is the only one in Calabria.

Santa Maria Maddalena: The Colleggiata di S. Maria Maddalena is another "church-museum" with a number of works of art inside; it can be seen from every point of the historical centre due to its dome and bell tower characterized by the yellow and blue majolica.
SS. Pietro e Paolo is the most ancient church in Morano. Dating back to the year 1000, it was totally renovated inside in late Baroque style.   It houses two marble statues by Pietro Bernini, the father of the famous Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. 

Nearby, at the foot of the Serra del Prete  there are the remains of the Colloredo monastery  founded in 1545 by Bernardo Malizia di Rogliano.

The  Folklore History, Sheep Farming and Agriculture Museum can be visited at palazzo Salmena.
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Santa Lucia 

Santa Caterina

San Pietro

San Paolo

Il Polittico di Bartolomeo Vivarini (Murano, 1430 ca – Venezia, post 1491), datato 1477

In addition, the city is rich in elegant palaces with regular and symmetrical designs which were built on behalf of noble families between the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries.   The palaces inside the medieval part - often with ramparts - include the nearby buildings or stand over them.
Nearby towns
The municipality borders with Castrovillari (the nearest town),


Rotonda ( Basilicata region)

San Basile


Terranova di Pollino

 Viggianello (Basilicata region)

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