Abruzzo's beaches on Video

 The coast of Trabocchi corresponds to the stretch of the Adriatic coast in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo) marked by the spread of the so called trabocchi, fishing machine on stilts. It is a stretch of coastline famous throughout Italy for its natural beauty and its diversity.

Vasto Marina - Chieti province

Roseto degli Abruzzi is located in the province of Teramo.
It is the second largest city in the province. Roseto is a popular and highly developed seaside location known throughout Italy and the world.
It is sometimes referred to as Lido delle Rose (Beach of the Roses). More recently it has been associated with the "Bandiera Blu" (The Blue Banner). Its beaches are pristine white.


Giulianova - Teramo Province - Only a few hours away from Rome.The town lies in the north of the Abruzzo region. Giulianova is split between the Paese, the historic town up in the hills, and the lido, the more recent development down by the beach.
Tourism plays a big part in the town's economy. The town, characterized by several beaches, is a summer retreat for people from large cities like Rome and Milan, as well as German and French tourists.

Silvi Marina - Teramo Province - Like Giulianova, Silvi is a town divided into two parts: Silvi Paese or Alta, the old traditional town on the hill overlooking the sea, and Silvi Marina, a modern seaside resort below the hills.
The unique location of Silvi Paese (called Castelbelfiore until the 19th century) led to the town's spindle-shaped layout with single main street, from which a network of narrow streets branch off.


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