Azienda Agricola Vulcano

Business Name: Azienda Agricola Vulcano
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Olive Oil

Address: Via Nazionale 217
City: Mirto Crosia
Postal Code: 87060
Province: Cosenza-Calabria
Country: Italy

Tel: 0983. 42185
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Business Profile:

It is located in Crosia, (province of Cosenza), on the Ionian sea side at an altitude of 100 meters.

Vulcano’s olive grove consist of  a modern farm of 60 Ha with many ancient trees, and specializes in olive-growing and processing.

The highlight of the production is the extra virgin olive oil DOP Colline Bruzio Joniche Presilane, character definitely tied to the territory in which it is produced according to the rules governing their production. The farming system is organic. The selection and gathering place for individual cultivars, in this way we get our mono-varietal oils.

Availability: Specialty Foods & Gourmet stores.

For lovers of fine olive oils, suitable for combinations with special foods, Vulcan has introduced a line of organic oils consisting of five different flavors, with a strong and well defined character.
The Vulcan Company maintains its principal family characteristic, based on the knowledge built up over the years are now integrated with the culture of today's manufacturing methods.

Corporate objectives:Today Volcano is a recognized brand both in Italy and abroad, its oils  have received several awards that highlight the distinct quality of its variety and is today looking to expand its market outside Europe by actively seeking importers with an established distribution network ( Specialty shops-Restaurants, high end catering, etc. etc.).


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