Imepa s.r.l

Business Name: Imepa s.r.l.
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Spices & frozen foods

Address: Loc Fosso Imperatore Lotto N.1
City: Nocera Inferiore
Postal Code: SA- RD 223858
Province: Salerno
Country: Campania-Italy


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Business Profile:

The history of Imepa s.r.l is the story and the exploits of a family's passion for the land and their long cherished tradition of drying and preserving the gifts from the hearth.

The Esposito family, rooted in the territory of the Nocera-Sarno since ancient times, began dealing with dried and crushed peppers in the late 20's and is today a leading exporters of ground organic dried spices and canned products.

Brands : La Macina Rossa (Red Mill) a line of processed products with chilli and peppers was launched in 1935.

Immediately after the second World war another line, La Gustosa (The Delicius ) joined the list, a brand intended to represent  a variety of  dehydrated vegetables.

In 1989 with the third family generation still at helm and an ever increasing demand, a new company was born, Imepa Ltd, bringing together the existing two brands, La Macina Rossa and La Gustosa...

...  as well as a new range of specialty organic products representing the typical traditional ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine such as risotto and polenta ready mix sauces along with  granular and dehydrated vegetables, traditionally used in the preparation of the Neapolitan cuisine.

Imepa s.r.l is today one of Europe's leading and sought after company in the sector able to guarantee the genuineness of its products.

Products offered :Ready made meals and frozen foods, Organic ready made meals and frozen foods, Preserved, frozen, dried and cooked vegetables; peeled tomatoes, pulped tomatoes, tomato concentrate, tomato pulp,  jellies.

International Exibitions : Sial Shangai, Tokyo, Germany.

Present Markets : Cina, Japan, Western and Easter Europe.
Actively looking  to expand in the North American Market.
Private label is available.

Imepa is also a member of the umbrella group  "Mediterranean Network" an initiative aimed at promoting local products, providing importers a "One Stop Shop" of selected brands.


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