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Mini Matera

It is of course known as Basilicata, but if you want to steal an approving smile from the local people you should refer to it as Lucania.
There is something special about this region, something that is missing from the many places I have visited, even my own beloved Calabria can't compare.
To dialog with these ancient sites you should turn off the GPS and drive inland, only then you can hear the solemn whisper of this land speaking to you as the wise men once spoke.

The Sassi di Matera (meaning "stones of Matera") are ancient cave dwellings. The town lies athwart a small canyon, which has been eroded in the course of years by a small stream, the Gravina.
Craco - an abandoned town that at first glance gives the visitor the impression of being in a fairytale world. Craco was built on a very steep summit for defensive reasons, giving it a stark and striking appearance and distinguishing it from the surrounding land which is characterized by soft shapes.
For safety, the entire population of 1,800 residents moved to Craco Peschiera in 1963, leaving the town uninhabited. The video below, Gioiello Lucano (Lucanian Gem)
is presented to you by  film maker Vincenzo Petrocelli.

This is a must-see when in Maratea (Potenza province): The "Cristo Redentore" or Christ the Redeemer on Mount Blaise in Maratea is the second largest in the world and the only one in Europe. Standing 72 feet high and 62 feet in width it can be seen for miles on its mountain perch. The mountain stands at just over 2000 feet. 

The Maratea coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea is long approximately 32 km of rocky coastline, with more than twenty beaches. One of the main characteristics of Maratea is the variety of its landscapes, varying from breath-taking sea views to wooded hillsides and majestic mountains which sweep down to the sea creating steep cliffs.

The Flight of the Angel - Castelmezzano is one of Italy's most enchanting hamlets. Here you can also experience the so called "il Volo dell'Angelo" another good reason to visit the place...also in the province of Potenza.
Also worth a visit : The Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Anglona ( Matera province) - Tavole Palatine, also in the province of Matera, San Fele Water Fall and Cala Jannita, both in the Potenza province.
Of course if you need a place to stay you might consider Francis Coppola's Palazzo Margherita Hotel in the charming village of Bernarda (Matera province).

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