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Business Name: Sepi Formaggi SRL
Category: Alimentary
Sub-Category: Cheese

Address: Strada Statale 131 Km 76,100
City: Marrubiu
Postal Code: 09094
Province: Oristano-Sardegna
Country: Italy

Tel: 0783.858037
Fax: 0783.858334

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Business Profile:

The cheese of the old masters.

At Sepi cheese you breathe an ancient atmosphere, almost magical, time seems to stand still at the mists of time. To make cheese you have to respect the rituals and procedures dictated by ancient tradition of Sardinian shepherds. Lingering in the air is that particular scent that evokes ancient scenarios, where the real protagonist is Mother Nature.

Tradition supported by innovation  is still the guideline that each operator of Sepi cheese has very clear, but it is also the goal of the ambitious project that the family Sedda, owner of the company, carries on for over thirty years . During these years the company has been able to substantially increase its business, taking advantage of the different market opportunities, broadening perspectives and enhancing their capabilities and logistics business.

The company manages and provides each step of the production chain: from the collection and careful control of milk to its conversion into various lines of cheese sheep, goats, and the ricotta cheese, the ripening of soft cheeses and seasoning to the selection of cheeses hard, from packaging to sales and marketing of cheese in various commercial networks.

The company is participating in several consortiums for the production of PDO cheeses like Fiore Sardo, Pecorino Romano and Sardo, for several years and is undergoing testing to ISO.

Particular attention is paid to the demanding curious costumer and that is why the range of products is constantly enriched and varied offering new and modern solutions in sizes and packaging, improving the usability of cheese and enhancing the organoleptic.

Products overview



Goat Cheese
Caprino Cheese-Goat cheese table,tangy flavor, typical aroma; the classic taste ircino (acidic hircine). The paste is white, crumbly when it is cured.The surface brown crust is treated with oil.Right:Fresh goat cheese. Semi-mature (3 months).Intense flavor and aroma.Aver.weight 3 kg.
Soft-Sweet-Pecorino-Sheep cheese
Above-Barbagia, slightly sweet, delicate aroma of wild herbs. It 's great with pears and golden grapes.Tight:Tharros, sweet, delicate, aromatic flavor.
Above:Cala la Luna-Sepi's smallest(700gr) very popular product sold in delis and supermarkets. Scodellato,1.2 kg,used for salads,or eaten during meals. 
Above-Montanaro, about 4 Kg, sold mainly in central Italy. Ideal for salads or grilled. Right, Minoreddu, has a mild taste, slightly aromatic
Above-Montanaro Dop: Sweet delicate taste,aromatic. Excellent as a table cheese or for cooking.Right-Fiore Sardo Dop, table cheese or grated.Strong taste and intense, ideal with fresh vegetables and  with red wine.
Seasoned Supramonte Dop-Sweet flavor and aromatic when soft, slightly spicy when cured. Seasoned Pecorino Romano Dop. Aromatic, slightly spicy and savory.The weight can vary between 20 and 35 Kg
Pecorino Stagionato-Seasones Goat cheese
L'Ovile.More or less spicy depending on the degree of maturation. Excellent cheese table cheese for the first 4/5 months, perfect for grating when seasoned to accompany the main coursesSupramonte: One of the cheeses most appreciated by dairy product connoisseurs. Table cheese goes well with a glass of red wine at the end of a meal.
Pecorino Semi Stagionato-Goat cheese semi-seasoned
Above-Fioretto.The flagship of the Sepi's products, for the Italian and International markets Much appreciated for its typical unsalted taste, strongly aromatic, ideal as a table cheese or grilled. It goes well with a glass of red wine and fresh vegetables. Right-Re Sardo, a table cheese that can be consumed after a meal, as it matures it becomes an excellent grating cheese.
Gran Sepi-Semi aged. Strong taste, not salty but very tasty, spicy as it ages. We recommend this cheese after a meal, and if seasoned to flavor dishes.
Above-Bel Sepi-A mix of cow and sheep's milk, tasty but not spicy, perfect to eat at the table and for grating when aged.  Right-Rosso di Sepi. Flavored with "peperoncino" but not spicy. Available in three sizes: 700 g, 1.5 kg, and 4.0 kg. Goes well with aperitifs and grilled.
The Prisma Line
 The Prisma Line-Sliced goat and sheep cheese. Available also whole, 8.5 Kg
Goat sliced cheese, mild and spicy
Grated  pecorino cheese. Comes in bags of 100 g and 500 g.    
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